BS PD ISO/TR 28380-2:2014

Health informatics. IHE global standards adoption. Integration and content profiles
standard by BSI Group, 02/28/2014

BS PD ISO/TR 28682:2008

Intelligent transport systems. Joint APEC-ISO study of progress to develop and deploy ITS standards
standard by BSI Group, 12/31/2008

BS PD ISO/TR 28821:2012

Gas welding equipment. Hose connections for equipment for welding, cutting and allied processes. Listing of connections which are either standardised or in common use
standard by BSI Group, 01/31/2013

BS PD ISO/TR 28980:2007

Ophthalmic optics. Spectacle lenses. Parameters affecting lens power measurement
standard by BSI Group, 09/28/2007

BS PD ISO/TR 29381:2008

Metallic materials. Measurement of mechanical properties by an instrumented indentation test. Indentation tensile properties
standard by BSI Group, 12/31/2008

BS PD ISO/TR 29846:2008

Tyres, valves and tubes. kPa/psi equivalencies for inflation pressures
standard by BSI Group, 06/30/2008

BS PD ISO/TR 29901:2007

Selected illustrations of full factorial experiments with four factors
standard by BSI Group, 02/29/2008