BS PD ISO/TS 17951-1:2016

BS PD ISO/TS 17951-1:2016 specifies a method for the determination of fluoride in waters, waste waters andeffluents by flow injection analysis (FIA). Any insoluble or complexed fluoride is converted to fluorideion by a manual distillation procedure from sulfuric/phosphoric acid. Fluoride ion in the distillate ismeasured using flow analysis with lanthanum alizarin complexone and spectrometric detection. Thismethod is applicable to industrial waste waters, effluents, surface waters, ground waters, leachates.It is not recommended for drinking waters where a distillation step is not required. In this part ofISO 17951, two working ranges are described:

  • working range I: 0,1 mg/l to 1 mg/l;
  • working range II: 1 mg/l to 10 mg/l.

The specification of the calibration solutions are to be adapted accordingly.

Cross References:
ISO 3696
ISO 6353-2
ISO 8466-1
ISO 8466-2
ISO 5667-3
ISO 5725-2
JIS K 0170-6:2011

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