BS PD ISO/IEC TR 23188:2020

This document examines the concept of edge computing, its relationship to cloud computing and IoT,and the technologies that are key to the implementation of edge computing. This document explores thefollowing topics with respect to edge computing:

— concept of edge computing systems;
— architectural foundation of edge computing;
— edge computing terminology;
— software classifications in edge computing, e.g. firmware, services, applications;
— supporting technologies, e.g. containers, serverless computing, microservices;
— networking for edge systems, including virtual networks;
— data, e.g. data flow, data storage, data processing;
— management, of software, of data and of networks, resources, quality of service;
— virtual placement of software and data, and metadata;
— security and privacy;
— real time;
— mobile edge computing, mobile devices.

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