BS PD IEC TR 63196:2020

This document is following the principles of IEC Guide 119. This document defines the energy efficiency aspects of switchgear and controlgear products complying with IEC 60947 (all parts), IEC 61095 and IEC 62626 (all parts), and associated assemblies complying with IEC 61439 (all parts), in the context of the overall system energy efficiency. This document references energy policy aspects, as well as product and system aspects.

This document generally assumes electrical energy input, whereas the output can be a number of different products and/or services.

Cross References:
IEC 60947-4-2
IEC 60947-6-1
IEC 61800-9-1
IEC Guide 118:2017
IEC 62626
IEC Guide 119
IEC TS 63058
IEC 60947
IEC 61095
IEC 61439
IEC 60364
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IEC 60050-603:1986
ISO 50001:2011
ISO/IEC 13273-1:2015
IEC 60364-8-1:2019

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