BS PD CEN/TS 927-8:2020

This document describes the method for assessing the resistance of paint coatings to separation fromsubstrates when a double-X pattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate andusing a tape.

Where a measurement of adhesion is required, the method described in CEN/TS 927-9 can be used.

The double X-cut pattern has been especially designed for wood and wood like substrates to minimizethe effects from the incisions and at the same time provide a coating segment enclosed by four cuts.

Cross References:
CEN/TS 927-9
EN ISO 4618
ISO 2409
ISO 4618
EN ISO 2409
ISO 29862:2018
ISO 4624
ASTM D 3359
EN ISO 29862:2019
EN ISO 4624

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