BS PD CEN/TS 17073:2020

This document will specify the interface between the e-merchant (any commercial customer sendingparcels) and the first logistic operator, including both public and private carriers. For the application ofthis document, a cross border parcel is a parcel crossing a border into and within Europe.

The interface is composed of two items:

— the physical label attached on the parcel: contents, sizes, minimum requirements to guarantee thequality and efficiency of the logistic process (sorting, delivery).
— the electronic exchanges between the sender and the logistic operator with the description of thedata to be provided, the format of the exchanges.

While designated operators of UPU have drawn up business requirements using proprietary standardsand related data components, online merchants have developed open, not-for-profit standards for finaldelivery which are integrated into their existing supply chain management environment.

Cross References:
EN ISO 19160-4
ISO 15394
EN ISO/IEC 15416
ISO/IEC 15415
ISO/IEC 15459-1
EN 13619
ISO 15394
ISO/IEC 15417

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