BS PD CEN/TR 1591-2:2020

This document details generic gasket parameters for use in EN 1591-1 during preliminary calculationsduring which the type of gasket to be used in an application is to be decided. Once the gasket type hasbeen decided the parameters for gaskets of that type from the different potential commercial suppliersshould be used in further calculations as within a gasket type there will be differences depending uponthe supplier.

WARNING — For the final calculations using the method given in EN 1591-1 the reader is directed to obtain gasket parameters for the selected generic type of gasket from the intended gasketmanufacturer. This is because the data for a generic gasket type will vary between manufacturers. Thisvariation can be seen in the tables of data which are embodied in this document.

Cross References:
EN 13555
EN 1591-1

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