BS PD ISO/TS 18621-11:2019

Image quality evaluation methods for printed matter. Colour gamut analysis
standard by BSI Group, 01/14/2020

BS PD ISO/TS 9241-126:2019

Ergonomics of human-system interaction. Guidance on the presentation of auditory information
standard by BSI Group, 12/13/2019

BS PD CEN/TS 13476-4:2019

Plastics piping systems for non-pressure underground drainage and sewerage. Structured-wall piping systems of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U), polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). Assessment of conformity
standard by BSI Group, 12/13/2019

BS PD IEC TS 62565-4-1:2019

Nanomanufacturing. Material specifications. Luminescent nanomaterials. Blank detail specification
standard by BSI Group, 12/16/2019

BS PD IEC TR 63196:2020

Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage. Energy efficiency
standard by BSI Group, 02/12/2020

BS PD CEN/TS 17390-1:2020

Molecular in vitro diagnostic examinations. Specifications for pre-examination processes for circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in venous whole blood. Isolated RNA
standard by BSI Group, 01/24/2020

BS 8888:2020

Technical product documentation and specification
standard by BSI Group, 12/17/2019

BS PD CEN/TR 17420:2020

Railway applications. Vehicle end design for trams and light rail vehicles with respect to pedestrian safety
standard by BSI Group, 01/23/2020

BS PD ISO/TS 23406:2020

Nuclear sector. Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of quality management systems for organizations supplying products and services important to nuclear safety (ITNS)
standard by BSI Group, 02/07/2020