BS PD ISO IWA 31:2020

Risk management. Guidelines on using ISO 31000 in management systems
standard by BSI Group, 04/17/2020

BS PD CEN/TS 15130:2020

Postal services. DPM infrastructure. Messages supporting DPM applications
standard by BSI Group, 04/24/2020

BS PD CEN/TR 17491:2020

Automotive fuels. Information on aniline, N-methyl aniline, N-ethyl aniline, N,N di-methyl aniline and secondary-butyl acetate when used as blending components in unleaded petrol
standard by BSI Group, 04/23/2020

BS PD ISO/TS 16785:2020

Electronic Fee Collection (EFC). Application interface definition between DSRC-OBE and external invehicle devices
standard by BSI Group, 04/20/2020

BS PD CEN/TR 1591-2:2020

Flanges and their joints. Design rules for gasketed circular flange connections. Gasket parameters
standard by BSI Group, 04/14/2020

BS PD ISO/TR 9241-393:2020

Ergonomics of human-system interaction. Structured literature review of visually induced motion sickness during watching electronic images
standard by BSI Group, 03/26/2020

BS PD IEC TR 62653:2020

Guideline for safe operation of medical equipment used for haemodialysis treatments
standard by BSI Group, 04/20/2020