BS PD ISO/TR 29922:2017

Natural gas. Supporting information on the calculation of physical properties according to ISO 6976
standard by BSI Group, 03/31/2017

BS PD ISO/TR 29944:2010

Powered industrial trucks and tractors. Brake performance. Determination of measurement procedures
standard by BSI Group, 04/30/2010

BS PD ISO/TR 30406:2017

Human resource management. Sustainable employability management for organizations
standard by BSI Group, 07/28/2017

BS PD ISO/TR 31004:2013

Risk management. Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000
standard by BSI Group, 11/30/2013

BS PD ISO/TR 3313:2018

Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits. Guidelines on the effects of flow pulsations on flow-measurement instruments
standard by BSI Group, 03/27/2018

BS PD ISO/TR 37121:2017

Sustainable development in communities. Inventory of existing guidelines and approaches on sustainable development and resilience in cities
standard by BSI Group, 01/31/2017

BS PD ISO/TR 37137:2014

Cardiovascular biological evaluation of medical devices. Guidance for absorbable implants
standard by BSI Group, 06/30/2014

BS PD ISO/TR 37150:2014

Smart community infrastructures. Review of existing activities relevant to metrics
standard by BSI Group, 03/31/2014

BS PD ISO/TR 37152:2016

Smart community infrastructures. Common framework for development and operation
standard by BSI Group, 07/31/2016

BS PD ISO/TR 4191:2014

Plastics piping systems for water supply. Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC-U) and oriented PVC-U (PVC-O). Guidance for installation
standard by BSI Group, 02/28/2014